Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sarah Jane Smith
Sarah Jane Smith
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You're Sarah Jane Smith! The intrepid girl reporter, you invented spunky. You never rest in your relentless pursuit of what The People (and you) Want to Know, and have a profound sense of justice. You are cheerfully incapable of following orders, and have a very individualistic sense of style--much like the Doctor himself. It's no wonder you two get on so well, even if his absentmindedness makes him a bit of a handful sometimes.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black IslandDoctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island by Mike Tucker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have given this four stars because I found the ending a little too fantastic even for Doctor Who.

The actual premise of the story almost charactizes Schizophrenia in an easy way to explain it to children. That is quite dark.

A battle Alien ship falls to earth in 1935 and eight children witnessed it. The mind of the main occupant separates itself and lands in the minds of each of the children. All end up either mad or scared to talk. One is not even known. Even the Doctor doesn't work it out until the last ten pages.

I liked Rose in this as she acted like a big sister to little Ali one of the modern children - in a similar gang to the first seven.

All children in YNYS DU are scared to go to sleep as the monsters in their nightmares come to life. Ali latches onto Rose and the Doctor and ends up being the only one who can save the day. She is quite a feisty little girl and I can't help but think she was a slight inspiration for Amelia Pond.

As I said this is the only one that I probably would give four stars too as there was one thing about the end that does not fit right for me but otherwise a wonderful story about what schizophrenia must be truly like.

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Doctor Who: The Resurrection CasketDoctor Who: The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the funniest of the the Doctor Who novellettes I have ever read.

It is a space pirate parody on Treasure Island. The folk-lore and focus of the entire plot centres on the most bloodthirsty Pirate that ever roamed the Space Seas ... Hamlek Glint, that legend has it went into the casket of the books title and has stayed in stasis for the past 50 years.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has landed on a planet called StarFall, an Industrial Revolution style planet, no new technology works, and that includes the TARDIS. The reason being is that galaxy is surrounded by a force called the Zeg that makes everything on the planet run on steam power.

They meet a young boy called Jimm, a boy fascinated by all of Glint's adventures, his uncle Bobb and a very eccentric millionaire leader of the region ... Drel McCavity, who turns out to be manipulative and obsessed by the Casket for his own gruesome reasons, (which I am not going to reveal just in case this review inspires you to read the book!) Sally, a cyborg waitress in a cheap pub. Oh, and a rather apologetic really rather kind monster that is told to kill once someone has been issued with the Black Spot ... oh and he is called Kevin.

The Doctor has to sail into space in real time which he hates to the edge of the galaxy out of the influence of the Zeg so his beloved TARDIS can work again. He counts on troubles but what he doesn't take into consideration is that he is sailing with an evil maniacal out-for-blood and guts crew of steam-powered Pirate Robots, an evil maniacal delusional human being and, of course, Jimm ... who was drugged by someone he trusted and smuggled on board.

With all the twists and turns and running and avoiding ... Pirates, Drel, and Kevin who all he wants to do is sit down watching Documentaries, do his suduku, crosswords and various degrees eating pizza and drink beer ... there is one thing that about the Hamlek Glint legend that the Doctor has to work out ... the most inventive twist on the tale I have ever heard.

Even if you are not a Who fan at least read it for the love of Robert Louis-Stevenson whom I am sure would love this take on his tale and would love the way Glint's legend ended and, in a way, started all over again.

This is one that should also have been televised.

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Eosophobia - I Fear The Dawn

Eosophobia: I Fear the Dawn

I am lying awake in bed
Sad thoughts are invading my head
crashing through my brain
all happy thoughts run down a drain.

I have been having dreamscares
or could they be nightmares?
Of being chased inside a castle
I don't why it's me they hassle!

Screaming for my blood
I think I should chew the cud
I look down, am balanced on a wire
I turn around and now I am being chased by a vampire!

Then a silver horse with wings
comes by, its salvation he brings
Pegasus has come to take me away
but then the wind blows me astray.

Gone! Lost in a crash of thunder
only my rescue could be a blunder
Then soft and fair voices are what I hear.
Could they be Elves, no! it's what I fear.

A large snake, twisting, writhing!
Squeezing me ever so tightly.
I am losing my life in never-ending pain.
Life I feel is nothing for me to gain.

A sensible voice tells me what I want to know
"It's only a dream!" then appears a headless shadow.
I look up, a ghost is in front of me,
all crookéd and cankered, but is a he!

He brings out his hand from beneath his cloak
Then a voice is heard, it is a croak.
"I will protect and save you,
it appears I arrived on cue!"

That's when I awaken
All sweaty and shaken
There is still night
still hours to make my dreams aright!

I close my eyes, Pegasus is back!
I get on him and we fly between unseen tract.
No thunder this time but a person beckoning me down.
Its a raven haired moon Princess in silver shimmering gown.

She calls me over with her hypnotic voice
which leaves me with no choice
but to do as she says: "Stay, my daughter, thou art mine ever more!
Stay and ride, and live by my tranquil shores!"

I live with her now and I am care-free
Pegasus is my horse and we ride eternally
The only dread, I remember I own
Is Eosophobia: Fear of the Dawn!

I heard this word on the radio and was immediately inspired. This was years ago!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Well peeps I have decided to go back to Myspace. I left like thousands of others to join the new thing called Facebook ... after a year or so I got bored. Especially as there was no way to properly individualise your own home page by inserting pictures in the background and make your own colours and make it ... well ... you! Another thing I did not like was the not being able to listen to music - and I loved finding weird, wonderful, unrecorded music out there - a beautiful tonic to the XFactor and Britain's Got Talent stuff out there!
So, here is the address to anyone interested!

Moon Phase