Friday, 8 April 2011

Eosophobia - I Fear The Dawn

Eosophobia: I Fear the Dawn

I am lying awake in bed
Sad thoughts are invading my head
crashing through my brain
all happy thoughts run down a drain.

I have been having dreamscares
or could they be nightmares?
Of being chased inside a castle
I don't why it's me they hassle!

Screaming for my blood
I think I should chew the cud
I look down, am balanced on a wire
I turn around and now I am being chased by a vampire!

Then a silver horse with wings
comes by, its salvation he brings
Pegasus has come to take me away
but then the wind blows me astray.

Gone! Lost in a crash of thunder
only my rescue could be a blunder
Then soft and fair voices are what I hear.
Could they be Elves, no! it's what I fear.

A large snake, twisting, writhing!
Squeezing me ever so tightly.
I am losing my life in never-ending pain.
Life I feel is nothing for me to gain.

A sensible voice tells me what I want to know
"It's only a dream!" then appears a headless shadow.
I look up, a ghost is in front of me,
all crookéd and cankered, but is a he!

He brings out his hand from beneath his cloak
Then a voice is heard, it is a croak.
"I will protect and save you,
it appears I arrived on cue!"

That's when I awaken
All sweaty and shaken
There is still night
still hours to make my dreams aright!

I close my eyes, Pegasus is back!
I get on him and we fly between unseen tract.
No thunder this time but a person beckoning me down.
Its a raven haired moon Princess in silver shimmering gown.

She calls me over with her hypnotic voice
which leaves me with no choice
but to do as she says: "Stay, my daughter, thou art mine ever more!
Stay and ride, and live by my tranquil shores!"

I live with her now and I am care-free
Pegasus is my horse and we ride eternally
The only dread, I remember I own
Is Eosophobia: Fear of the Dawn!

I heard this word on the radio and was immediately inspired. This was years ago!


  1. yikes...quite the vivid dream...though in the end it is waking that is most i think i will sleep a while longer...nice write...

  2. Your own form of mythology
    I would struggle between dusk and dawn with those kinds of dreams

    Excellent thanks for returning my friend

    Moonie smiles

  3. Thank you I was nervous that because of the assonance it would not be well received this is one of my favourite poems that I have written.

  4. Wow what a dream you captured. nice write. :)


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